How to wear lace dress on cooler weather

Lace is considered one of the most elegant and raffinate fabric for clothes.

Used as a main fabric or detail for clothes, lance is more often used or assimilated to warm seasons.

Today I would like to present you an option for cold seasons, easy to achieve, suitable for day time as well, comfortable and very trendy.

My new obsession are the turtleneck blouses … very easy to integrate with dresses, suit or even with a simple skirt you can achieve a very sophisticate look, just add an accessory (brooches, scarf)

When it gets cooler, you can match with some cowboy ankle boots and jeans jacket or even go for a classic masculine cut coat and wear an oversize hat.

As you already know me for the winter period I will go for a more feminine and elegant style. Imagine some eccentrically colour boots up to the knees ( green, yellow or orange), a masculine cut coat in neutral colour, and an oversized scarf on a similar colour shade with the boots.

If you are a sneaker adherent, surely a pair of platform sneakers goes impeccably with this look and I will combine with a short coat or an oversized hoodie and a knit beanie, cool and comfortable look.

As you may know the oversized bags are back in trend, they are practical and brings a complexity to the outfit. (in the meantime, we have plenty space for make-up, snacks or goodies. 😛

If you already own a lace dress in your summer wardrobe it’s time to take it out, I’ve listed above several alternatives to wear it … keep in mind to add your smile too.



What I Wore: Top – Brooks Brothers, Shoes – Clarks, Bag – Carolina Herrera

Image by : Viviane Ninov

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