La Liberdade…

Sometimes I wonder if limits in life are imposed by us or by our society … the general answer would be both … Society is built with each of us, we are the society, our superficial thoughts are the limits.

We often impose limitations on what we can do according to age, religion, look, to our gender and not only … isn’t it sad?

This is applicable in our outfit too… it imposes new limits within us, what we wear accordingly to our age, religion, location, … always amazed about how at a young age we were able to fly… fly to the moon with a broken umbrella, with invisible wings, with a magic cape…. With our confidence and believes, that we can be ballerinas on rollers, princesses on skateboards, Cinderella’s with super hero cape, there were no limits… why would we have them now?

Today I chose to play with one of my evening dresses. A deep neckline V cut dress, combined with sneakers and turtleneck top.

The feeling is indescribable, I feel elegant, sexy and very comfortable.

During the summer you can wear the dress with a basic top and why not a pair of slippers with a raffia tote and this is how we bring our dresses rarely worn to life. 😛

Only God knows what our powers or limits are…we don’t!

“Liberty is the freedom to live your life in the way that you want, without interference from other people or the authorities. …the ideal of equality and the appreciation of liberty. ”



What I Wore: Dress – DKNY, Shoes – Christopher Kane , Turtleneck top – Brooksbrothers

Image by : Viviane Ninov

  • Xredcarpetx
    Posted at 17:18h, 05 December Reply

    Omg you can make snickers look elegant ! It’s just YOU

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