Philosophy of life or just a natural touch

Wondering what life is exactly about? Yes I do, I do it most of the time.

Humans are made of connections, from a microscopic perspective, we are connected by cells and united as a whole… body, soul, energy.

Life is a mystery? I believe that is not, I believe that life is all about our inner voice… we just have to listen to that voice and be brave enough to follow the instincts.

Value your life and love your surroundings, value real actions and feelings…value yourself and choose what is best for you.

I fall in love with fashion since I know myself…but not by wearing  any kind of clothes…I select the ones my body is choosing, my energy is connected with… or my body is aligned with, the ones telling stories about how they were created.

The story teller I ‘m obsessed with for the moment is an amazing women, Daniela Barb…she’s not just a designer …she is a “poet”, a “messenger”, a story teller via fashion…she’s empowering women’s with her design, clothes.

I love natural textiles, I love simple cut, I love the feminine touch combined with the light and comfortable design.

The dress I am wearing for this session is made of wool…great for winter and cold season. The perfect choice for evening events but easy to suit for day time as well.

The  sleeves are s sophisticated in details and complete the look by  sparing you from over accessorizing.

The deep cuts on the dress within the lower part bring a sensual and sexy look but still very innocent and elegant…

I used to say often that women’s are sexy if they show less than too much…this is a great example.

For a day look just add a pair of skinny jeans and boots, pumps or sneakers. On the upper part a turtleneck top will bring a new role for the dress, use it as a coat.

Christmas time is coming, If you would like to join Daniela’s passion…the women of complexity on the highest scale of simplicity…feel more than welcome to navigate to her page and let yourself connected with her fabulous collection.

Style is a way to say who you are without speaking…pick the best ones, the story tellers, the original ones, the natural ones… make it yours!



What I Wore: Dress – Daniela Barb, Shoes – Zara, Bag –

Image by : Viviane Ninov

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