Thought clouds and Polka dots

About thoughts and dreams … I do not know how you feel but for me thoughts are important such as dreams. Thoughts come from our subconscious  and they need to be carefully analysed, it’s the voice of our soul.

Often spontaneous thoughts or ideas have moved “mountains,” or life paths has changed, metaphorically speaking.

How many thoughts do you have per day … I believe that many … as the Irish sky have clouds … so do I have thought clouds …

Even if on a daily basis I have different outfits when it comes to choose one for the blog it’s very hard to pick the ” right one ”.

Back to today’s topic as I told you I started with my thoughts … looking  through the window of my room with a fantastic view to Portmarnock beach (cost) and fascinated by the dance of the clouds.

When I was a child, I thought the clouds are cotton candy’s and I wished to get there and eat them all … in years I conceive them as ideas, thoughts, dreams of people up in the sky.

That’s how I see them up until today but nowadays I associate the bullets on the polka dolt prints with thought clouds, a little more perfectly shaped but still dreamily smooth and magic.


That’s how I got to be dressed in thoughts, dreams and ideas … with a little wild look and innocence and of course smooth touch of femininity all adapted to the year 2018.

The timeless POLKA DOTS pattern as well as floral or plaid prints will always be in trend and a good choice for an outstanding  outfits and a statement look for events.

Even if it’s summer I have chosen a pair of pants instead of a cotton or silk dress … so we can play with patterns and shape/size of the polka dots …

Especially we chose black and white, it’s a very enigmatic combination of non-colors and always in trend.

The body with the corset  cup is suitable for ladies with a more voluptuous bust as for girls with similar shapes to mine.

The trousers are extremely light but with a right stitch that gives the feel of a straight skirt leading to a more elegant area.

I opted for the over-size blazer if it’s cold in the evening (often the case in Ireland) and I chose some kitten heels, which I adore! The footwear is extremely comfortable and complements perfectly with the scarf set worn on the head in the idea of a more retro but wild look (hairstyle arranged by the wild wind of Ireland).

If the tennis/sneakers represent you, you can integrate them in to the outfit with confidence. A short sleeve white shirt and a bow made from the scarf you obtain a cool and fresh but every day outfit.

A top, short sleeve basic t/shirt, black or white with slippers and a scarf placed at the neck with a lighter knot will obtain a perfect outfit for a day in the park.

The clouds are so different by the shape, color, size, so we do, as well as style preferences and tastes but we can always be inspired and educate ourselves in fashion or life.

Stop thinking so hard about everything. Just go for it if it feels right, just go with the flow. If it feels wrong, don’t think about it anymore and walk away..

Just be a rainbow between the clouds!




What I Wore: Top – Zara, Trousers – Zara, Blazer – Jigsaw, Shoes – Zara, Bag – Elisabetta Franchi

Image by : Dorota Pinheiro

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