Walk on high heels…dream high…90s, baby!

The distance between your dreams and reality is called action…the 90s were an action-packed decade in many forms, some would call it a silent (…or, not so silent) revolution…and not just in fashion. The style and minimalist tendencies gave a new and much needed look with a handful of eccentric and colourful ideas. Think of it like an empty canvas made into a rainbow look, and for that alone the 90s were a unique power decade.

Glitter was used anywhere and for every occasion…this was more revolutionary than PlayStation for boys 😛 (the PlayStation was released in the mid 90’s and became the best selling gaming console of its time).

Free speech and strong attitude were the major strengths of the fashion side of things, but I don’t want to get you bored with politics or other specifics that happened during the 90s.

There were no limits or rules…you could aim for the stars…you can even see the inspiration in makeup with the excesses of glitter.

I have updated, according to my preferences, an inspired outfit from the 90’s. Eccentric make-up is excluded as we passed that era a long time ago. I approached the entire outfit with a fresh and natural look, but we all love 90s outfits.

The cropped jeans with unfinished hem are my choice for today’s outfit, very light, youthful and cool. These types of jeans are the ideal option for updating the 90s look, but

they are also not mandatory. You can instead go with skinny jeans or mom-fit while you are in high waist.

The short top with the visible navel represents the Spice Girls period; an iconic band, in my opinion.

The top chosen by me has small details on its fallen shoulders. They add a magic feminine touch to the outfit. If you aren’t into exposing your waist, you can always go for a cotton top with bare shoulders…

The shoes with platform and thick heel were the “must-have” back then, as we have specified in the title of today’s article. I choose a pair with a specific 90s-esque tigress print to be a little more complete and playful in the variants.

How about bringing some 90s-style accessories back into your jewellery box? One of the most commonly used accessories was the choker, and the black one I have selected for you was one of the classiest back then.

The jean jacket and leather jacket were a statement during that time. I have chosen the jeans but if I were to use boots instead of platforms, my preference would be the leather jacket and a plaid shirt over this top.

But, ultimately, the most powerful accessory was a beaming smile across your face. The 90s was a decade of energy, joy and dreams…




Image by : Viviane Ninov 

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